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Dokumentation Stream

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Dokumentationen und Reportagen kostenlos online schauen. - Dokumentationen und Reportagen online schauen. scroll-to-top. Ob Geschichte, Crime, Natur oder Star Dokus: Auf ▻ TVNOW findest du aktuelle Dokumentationen, Reportagen & Wissensformate. Doku Streams hier | Aktuelle Dokus online streamen ✓interessante Dokus ✓​Doku Stream deutsch ✓Doku HD ➦ spannende Doku hier entdecken. Nur die besten Dokus ✓ Direkt Online per Stream verfügbar ✓ HD ✓ Hochwertige deutschsprachige Reportagen, Dokumentarfilme, etc. Erlebe die besten Reportagen, Wissensformate und Dokumentationen jederzeit online - in der ZDF Mediathek. ZDFinfo im Livestream: Rund um die Uhr die Sendungen des TV-Programms im Live-TV. Video verfügbar in Deutschland. ZDFinfo doku. Mehr von ZDFinfo. Dein Doku-Stream Archiv. Ausgewählte Reportagen und Dokumentationen, einzelne Dokumentation oder ganze Dokumentarfilme. Jeden Tag.

Dokumentation Stream

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PietSmiet über Streaming als Traumberuf - Stories of Games - ZDFkultur Dokumentation Stream

The appName parameter is a name for your application to show on the cluster UI. In practice, when running on a cluster, you will not want to hardcode master in the program, but rather launch the application with spark-submit and receive it there.

Note that this internally creates a SparkContext starting point of all Spark functionality which can be accessed as ssc.

The batch interval must be set based on the latency requirements of your application and available cluster resources.

See the Performance Tuning section for more details. A StreamingContext object can also be created from an existing SparkContext object. Note that this internally creates a JavaSparkContext starting point of all Spark functionality which can be accessed as ssc.

A StreamingContext object can be created from a SparkContext object. It represents a continuous stream of data, either the input data stream received from source, or the processed data stream generated by transforming the input stream.

This is shown in the following figure. These underlying RDD transformations are computed by the Spark engine.

The DStream operations hide most of these details and provide the developer with a higher-level API for convenience. These operations are discussed in detail in later sections.

Input DStreams are DStreams representing the stream of input data received from streaming sources.

In the quick example , lines was an input DStream as it represented the stream of data received from the netcat server.

Note that, if you want to receive multiple streams of data in parallel in your streaming application, you can create multiple input DStreams discussed further in the Performance Tuning section.

This will create multiple receivers which will simultaneously receive multiple data streams. Therefore, it is important to remember that a Spark Streaming application needs to be allocated enough cores or threads, if running locally to process the received data, as well as to run the receiver s.

Either of these means that only one thread will be used for running tasks locally. If you are using an input DStream based on a receiver e. Extending the logic to running on a cluster, the number of cores allocated to the Spark Streaming application must be more than the number of receivers.

Otherwise the system will receive data, but not be able to process it. We have already taken a look at the ssc.

File streams do not require running a receiver so there is no need to allocate any cores for receiving file data. For simple text files, the easiest method is StreamingContext.

Spark Streaming will monitor the directory dataDirectory and process any files created in that directory. When a file is opened, even before data has been completely written, it may be included in the DStream - after which updates to the file within the same window will be ignored.

That is: changes may be missed, and data omitted from the stream. To guarantee that changes are picked up in a window, write the file to an unmonitored directory, then, immediately after the output stream is closed, rename it into the destination directory.

Provided the renamed file appears in the scanned destination directory during the window of its creation, the new data will be picked up.

In contrast, Object Stores such as Amazon S3 and Azure Storage usually have slow rename operations, as the data is actually copied. Furthermore, renamed object may have the time of the rename operation as its modification time, so may not be considered part of the window which the original create time implied they were.

Careful testing is needed against the target object store to verify that the timestamp behavior of the store is consistent with that expected by Spark Streaming.

It may be that writing directly into a destination directory is the appropriate strategy for streaming data via the chosen object store.

For more details on this topic, consult the Hadoop Filesystem Specification. DStreams can be created with data streams received through custom receivers.

See the Custom Receiver Guide for more details. Each RDD pushed into the queue will be treated as a batch of data in the DStream, and processed like a stream.

This category of sources requires interfacing with external non-Spark libraries, some of them with complex dependencies e.

Hence, to minimize issues related to version conflicts of dependencies, the functionality to create DStreams from these sources has been moved to separate libraries that can be linked to explicitly when necessary.

Note that these advanced sources are not available in the Spark shell, hence applications based on these advanced sources cannot be tested in the shell.

Kafka: Spark Streaming 3. See the Kafka Integration Guide for more details. Kinesis: Spark Streaming 3. See the Kinesis Integration Guide for more details.

Input DStreams can also be created out of custom data sources. All you have to do is implement a user-defined receiver see next section to understand what that is that can receive data from the custom sources and push it into Spark.

See the Custom Receiver Guide for details. There can be two kinds of data sources based on their reliability.

Sources like Kafka allow the transferred data to be acknowledged. If the system receiving data from these reliable sources acknowledges the received data correctly, it can be ensured that no data will be lost due to any kind of failure.

This leads to two kinds of receivers:. The details of how to write a reliable receiver are discussed in the Custom Receiver Guide. Some of the common ones are as follows.

The updateStateByKey operation allows you to maintain arbitrary state while continuously updating it with new information. To use this, you will have to do two steps.

In every batch, Spark will apply the state update function for all existing keys, regardless of whether they have new data in a batch or not. If the update function returns None then the key-value pair will be eliminated.

Say you want to maintain a running count of each word seen in a text data stream. Here, the running count is the state and it is an integer.

We define the update function as:. This is applied on a DStream containing words say, the pairs DStream containing word, 1 pairs in the earlier example.

This is applied on a DStream containing words say, the pairs DStream containing word, 1 pairs in the quick example. Note that using updateStateByKey requires the checkpoint directory to be configured, which is discussed in detail in the checkpointing section.

For example, the functionality of joining every batch in a data stream with another dataset is not directly exposed in the DStream API. However, you can easily use transform to do this.

This enables very powerful possibilities. For example, one can do real-time data cleaning by joining the input data stream with precomputed spam information maybe generated with Spark as well and then filtering based on it.

Note that the supplied function gets called in every batch interval. This allows you to do time-varying RDD operations, that is, RDD operations, number of partitions, broadcast variables, etc.

Spark Streaming also provides windowed computations , which allow you to apply transformations over a sliding window of data. The following figure illustrates this sliding window.

As shown in the figure, every time the window slides over a source DStream, the source RDDs that fall within the window are combined and operated upon to produce the RDDs of the windowed DStream.

In this specific case, the operation is applied over the last 3 time units of data, and slides by 2 time units.

This shows that any window operation needs to specify two parameters. These two parameters must be multiples of the batch interval of the source DStream 1 in the figure.

Say, you want to extend the earlier example by generating word counts over the last 30 seconds of data, every 10 seconds.

To do this, we have to apply the reduceByKey operation on the pairs DStream of word, 1 pairs over the last 30 seconds of data.

This is done using the operation reduceByKeyAndWindow. Some of the common window operations are as follows.

All of these operations take the said two parameters - windowLength and slideInterval. A more efficient version of the above reduceByKeyAndWindow where the reduce value of each window is calculated incrementally using the reduce values of the previous window.

Like in reduceByKeyAndWindow , the number of reduce tasks is configurable through an optional argument. Note that checkpointing must be enabled for using this operation.

Finally, its worth highlighting how easily you can perform different kinds of joins in Spark Streaming. Furthermore, it is often very useful to do joins over windows of the streams.

That is pretty easy as well. This has already been shown earlier while explain DStream. Here is yet another example of joining a windowed stream with a dataset.

In fact, you can also dynamically change the dataset you want to join against. The function provided to transform is evaluated every batch interval and therefore will use the current dataset that dataset reference points to.

Since the output operations actually allow the transformed data to be consumed by external systems, they trigger the actual execution of all the DStream transformations similar to actions for RDDs.

Currently, the following output operations are defined:. However, it is important to understand how to use this primitive correctly and efficiently.

Some of the common mistakes to avoid are as follows. Often writing data to external system requires creating a connection object e.

TCP connection to a remote server and using it to send data to a remote system. For this purpose, a developer may inadvertently try creating a connection object at the Spark driver, and then try to use it in a Spark worker to save records in the RDDs.

For example in Scala ,. This is incorrect as this requires the connection object to be serialized and sent from the driver to the worker.

Such connection objects are rarely transferable across machines. This error may manifest as serialization errors connection object not serializable , initialization errors connection object needs to be initialized at the workers , etc.

The correct solution is to create the connection object at the worker. However, this can lead to another common mistake - creating a new connection for every record.

For example,. Typically, creating a connection object has time and resource overheads. Therefore, creating and destroying a connection object for each record can incur unnecessarily high overheads and can significantly reduce the overall throughput of the system.

A better solution is to use rdd. One can maintain a static pool of connection objects than can be reused as RDDs of multiple batches are pushed to the external system, thus further reducing the overheads.

Note that the connections in the pool should be lazily created on demand and timed out if not used for a while. This achieves the most efficient sending of data to external systems.

Specifically, RDD actions inside the DStream output operations force the processing of the received data.

Hence, if your application does not have any output operation, or has output operations like dstream. The system will simply receive the data and discard it.

By default, output operations are executed one-at-a-time. And they are executed in the order they are defined in the application. Furthermore, this has to done such that it can be restarted on driver failures.

This is done by creating a lazily instantiated singleton instance of SparkSession. This is shown in the following example. See the full source code.

You can also run SQL queries on tables defined on streaming data from a different thread that is, asynchronous to the running StreamingContext.

Just make sure that you set the StreamingContext to remember a sufficient amount of streaming data such that the query can run.

Otherwise the StreamingContext, which is unaware of the any asynchronous SQL queries, will delete off old streaming data before the query can complete.

For example, if you want to query the last batch, but your query can take 5 minutes to run, then call streamingContext.

You can also easily use machine learning algorithms provided by MLlib. First of all, there are streaming machine learning algorithms e.

Beyond these, for a much larger class of machine learning algorithms, you can learn a learning model offline i. See the MLlib guide for more details.

This is useful if the data in the DStream will be computed multiple times e. Hence, DStreams generated by window-based operations are automatically persisted in memory, without the developer calling persist.

For input streams that receive data over the network such as, Kafka, sockets, etc. Note that, unlike RDDs, the default persistence level of DStreams keeps the data serialized in memory.

This is further discussed in the Performance Tuning section. More information on different persistence levels can be found in the Spark Programming Guide.

For this to be possible, Spark Streaming needs to checkpoint enough information to a fault- tolerant storage system such that it can recover from failures.

There are two types of data that are checkpointed. To summarize, metadata checkpointing is primarily needed for recovery from driver failures, whereas data or RDD checkpointing is necessary even for basic functioning if stateful transformations are used.

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