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I don't display annoying ads, I don't fuck around with bullshit, I just give it to you straight and that's why people love me! Foreign languages, non-Latin scripts, and old names Often for items of non-English origin, or in non-Latin scripts, a considerably larger number of hits result from searching in the correct script or for various transcriptionsbe sure to check " Languages for. Alexa Internet is a tool for this ( Hitwise and Quantcast are others). Similarly search engines cannot read PDF files consisting of photoscans or look inside compressed (.zip) files. Personal names in other languages (Russian, Anglo-Saxon ) may have to be searched for both including and excluding the patronymic, and searches for names and other words in strongly inflected languages should take into account that arriving at the. It is important to consider whether the information used derives from reliable sources before using or citing. For searches with few reported hits (less than 1000) the actual count of hits needed to reach the bottom of the last page of results may be more accurate, but even this is not a sure thing. For example, a Google search for "the green goldfish with"s, currently initially reports around 22,700 results, yet on paging through to the last search results page shows the returned number of hits to be 370. K.; van der Wal,. Notability, decide whether a page should be nominated for deletion. Search engine tests and Wikipedia policies Verifiability Search engine tests may return results that are fictitious, biased, hoaxes or similar.

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Google and other popular search engines are also a target for search engine "search result enhancement also known as search engine optimizers, so there may also be many results returned that lead to a page that only serves as an advertisement. Meta-search engines use several search engines at once. A b Maslov,.; Redner,. The advantages of a specific search engine can be distinguished by using a variety of common search engines. 1 Search more specifically within certain websites, or for combined and alternative phrases (or excluding certain words and phrases that would otherwise confuse the results). Google Books has a pattern of coverage that is in closer accord with traditional encyclopedia content than is the Web, taken as a whole; if it has systemic bias, it is a very different systemic bias from Google Web searches. 19 MedLine, now part of PubMed, is the original broadly based search engine, originating over four decades ago and indexing even earlier papers. The Alexa measuring system is based on a toolbar that users must choose to install, which can be installed on several browsers including Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, across different operating systems. Alexa itself says that ranks lower than 100,000 are not reliable. Guarantee that a particular result is the original instance of a piece of text and not a reprint, excerpt,"tion, mi"tion, or copyright violation.

free dating sites uk norwegian sex

evidence of how many times a publication, document, or author has been cited or"d by others. Multiple hits on an exact phrase in Google Book search provide convincing evidence for the real use of the phrase or concept. Mark Liberman (2009 ""s with and without"s Language Log. Alternative spellings and usages can have their relative frequencies checked (eg, for a debate which is the more common of two equally neutral and acceptable terms). Sources of bias include both websites whose users disproportionately do not install such toolbars, as well as webmasters who install Alexa Toolbar for the sole purpose of enhancing their ratings. Ten popular ones from m offer reviews. Quantitative comparisons of search engine results, Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 59(11 17021710. Web browsers offer a choice of search engines to choose to employ for the search box, and these can be used one at a time to experiment with search results. E.g., The journal Stroke puts papers on-line back through 1970s. He states that it is "dangerous and irresponsible to think that we can Google away a complex discussion" and that he has "learned long ago that there is no substitute for detailed research on a topic". 8 9 Other useful considerations in interpreting results are: Article scope: If narrow, fewer references are required. Why did you make ThePornDude? Good-faith Googling: a rule of thumb If an unsourced addition to an article appears plausible, consider taking a moment to use a suitable search engine to find a reliable source before deciding whether to revert. The following collapsible sections cover basic examples and help for using search engines with Wikipedia.

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There are literally millions of websites that offer adult content out there these days, but only a few of them actually are worth visiting. Guarantee that the results reflect the uses you mean, rather than other uses. Countries where computer use is not so common will often have lower rates of reference to equally notable material, which may therefore appear (mistakenly) non-notable. Best for scientific or academic topics. Google has also been the victim of redirection exploits dead link that may cause it to return more results for a specific search term than exist actual content pages. Undue weight May disproportionally represent some matters, especially related to popular culture (some matters may be given far more space and others far less, than fairly represents their standing popularity is not notability. Just like many of us, I was browsing google one day looking for new fap material, but I wasn't satisfied with the results shown. Possibly useful items on the results list include the source material or the electronic tools that a web site can provide, such as a dictionary, but the list itself, as a whole, can also indicate important information. There is still a sizable amount of information that is not on the Internet. "Why Google Can't Count Results Properly". For the set index article guideline, see. For the argument about "many google hits" in deletion discussions, see. Even for English-only webpages there may be many variants of the same Arabic or Russian name. 3 Also be sure to check "Languages for Displaying (Search) Results" in "Search Settings".) The single most useful search engine tool may be the use of"tion marks to find an exact match for a phrase.

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