Strategies for Voluntary Work in the Community

We are a group of Jewish organizations in Europe who have formed a Partnership to share our experience of working with Volunteers.

Volunteers play a large part in the life of each of our organizations. We have each developed ways of working with volunteers – from recruitment, involving volunteers in our community projects, through to volunteer-led projects that have been taken on by our organizations. The goal of our partnership has been for us to share our ‘best practices’ in the area of volunteering with each other, and through this to learn new strategies and methodologies for working with volunteers in our organizations and communities.

Our partnership consisted of several stages. We had meetings where we shared our best practice projects with each other. Some of us learned new languages. We learned how to collaborate by building a ‘wiki’ and then a website together. Over the course of the partnership we learned about our shared European history and issues facing Jewish organizations in contemporary Europe.

On the following pages you will learn about our Grundtvig partnership. We hope we have succeeded in giving you a taste of the things we learned when working together.

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